Café Expresso HOTSSON

Enjoy a delicious cup of coffee in the pleasant ambience of this special space.
Get to know the Café Expresso HOTSSON from wherever you are with our virtual tour. 


If you are seeking a relaxing place

where you can savor a delicious cold or hot drink, the Café Expresso HOTSSON is the right choice. 

The menu options, mainly comprising hot and cold beverages, complement the select choice of desserts and gourmet baked goods, sandwiches and ciabattas made on-site, guaranteeing unique flavor and freshness. 

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Fine Mexican and international cuisine.

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Let the café surround your senses

while you enjoy a delicious dessert along with your favorite beverage. 

The cozy décor, in a modern, avant-garde style, inspires long and stimulating conversations between friends or family members. 


Every day

6:00am to 10:00pm